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dtoGen™ is a java source generation tool that can ease the development of multi-tier systems by offering a reliable solution to obtain the data transfer objects out of the domain model objects without hand-writting additional code. Using a simple set of javadoc tags, dtoGen™ provides the possibility to define the whole set of data transfer objects used by your system.

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dtoGen™ uses three javadoc types for defining the DTO content.
  • @dto.gen.class class level tag is used to define a new DTO
  • @dto.gen.pk getter level tag is used to define the bean properties that are able to uniquely identify an entity instance
  • @dto.gen.property getter level tag is used to define a bean property to be included in the DTO

Ant task

dtoGen™ offers an ant task net.noco.dtogen.ant.DTOGenTask

Main class

dtoGen™ can be started manually using net.noco.dtogen.DTOGen class.

Tag definition for Doclipse

dtoGen™ includes a definition for the tags to be used with Doclipse plugin plugin for Eclipse.


[2004.10.25] dtoGen™-0.5.2 is out

  • start of code refactoring
  • fixed bug 1050632
  • documentation update

[2004.10.14] dtoGen™-0.5.1 is out

A quick fix of a the build process (caused by external dependencies on documentation builder).

[2004.10.04] dtoGen™-0.5 is out

The first official release. All documented features are included. All designed tests were passed. Good luck!

[2004.09.28] Soon...

The first release will be announced in a couple of days. It is prepared, now passing through the last tests.